Financial Modelling

We optimize your project through financial modelling on a-case-by-case basis. You make decisions based on a reliable foundation.

Modelling of financial expectations is a key component for investment decisions and basis for discussions on project and corporate finance for all parties involved.

Since models can help to understand complex contexts through assumptions and simplifications, we practice financial modelling not as a science, but as simply as possible, and as differentiated as necessary. Financial modelling allows the simulation of different scenarios. As a consequence, variable factors can be considered, examined as regards their economic relevance and taken into account systematically in negotiations.

We support you in creating and optimizing investment and financial models as a substantial milestone prior to the closing.

We offer

  • Preparation of financial models and processing and coordination of all parameters
  • Establishing special-purpose and task-related financial models for purchase, sales and financing transactions
  • Optimization of existing financial models